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[review]: Writing a Complete Blog Post with CopyAi

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Recently, I discovered something special about writing a complete blog posts with CopyAi.

If you are a business owner and/or marketer who writes a lot, this is something you need to look into.

It is the hope of every content writer or copywriter to engage with writing amazing contents. You obviously want to start writing amazing blog posts or sales copies that influence profitability for your business.

Writing A Complete Blog Post With Copy Ai

First, please, answer these questions.

  1. Do you make money from the words that you write?
  2. Are you required to write a lot of words every day?
  3. Do you understand the value of content creation to grow your business?

If you wish to see the CopyAI website for details, then click here.

So, therefore, it means that you sincerely wish to cut down on the long hours and frustrating time you spend on creating top-notch sales copy for your product?

Did you ever know that writing beautiful content with Ai saves a lot of time and takes away the stress and hassles of putting content together?

By typing in a few words about your business, finishes the job at a higher speed and provides you with fresher and better copies to appeal to your audience. The advent of the writing assistant is simply the end of writer’s block, producing stale copy, and missing deadlines! 

It is not surprising why, even though it was released in less than 12 months, it already boasts of over 100,000 users! Now, that’s a big deal!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a deep learning method of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is able to improve its own performance through learning. It reduces the tedious and time-consuming task of coming up with fresh ideas and creating compelling content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates contents, such as videos, using AI technology. It generates contents based on a global community.

Artificial Intelligence boosts content library and aids in content creation. Each article is generated using AI which can be easily edited by a human. They aim to generate more contents for the world at the moment and continuously improve themselves on algorithms & models used in their

What is Copy.Ai? is one of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence writing assistants that saves you so much effort in dishing out your marketing copy.

In just a matter of seconds, you can have an amazing marketing copy ready. That’s a big time saver!’s AI technology uses the same smarts as human writers, just way faster. It applies machine learning to continuously improve the quality of your content. It dishes out contents that are free from plagiarism, giving you a unique voice, rich and outstanding information.

Even though you have a wide range of choices to make after creating an account, there are however six major copy types Copy AI focuses on. They include blog posts, social media posts, website copy, digital ad copy, sales copy, and product descriptions for e-commerce.

You’d agree that these copy types are very crucial in generating revenue in virtually any given space. 

And aside from the fact that you’ll be receiving a better-finished task to what most freelance copywriters and marketers would offer, their solutions are not expensive.

Think also of the long hours and frustrating time you spend on creating a top-notch sales copy for your product which takes away, you are pretty sure it is exactly where you should pitch your tent!

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Ideal users of

Digital Content Creator: If you use written content to market your brand and sell your products and services, then this is for you. E.g. a YouTuber, Podcaster, Course Creator, Shopify Seller, Etsy Seller, Blogger, Etc. They use written content to market their brand and sell their products and services.

Copywriters: If you are a copywriter, you can use CopyAI for emails, social posts, blog articles, website copy, etc.

Agencies: As an Agency, you can use CopyAI for message branding, brand messaging, marketing copy, video creation, sales funnels, web design, etc.

SEO Professionals: As an SEO expert, you can use CopyAI for blog articles, catchy meta descriptions, TY video descriptions, etc.

Web Designers: Web designers can can use CopyAI for landing page copy, about pages, product descriptions, meta data, etc.

Online Advertisers: They can use CopyAI for ad copy, landing page copy, email copy, product descriptions, sales videos, etc.

Founders: They can use CopyAI for brand messaging, email copy, sales funnels, product descriptions, etc.

Digital Marketers: They can use CopyAI for brand messaging, marketing copy, video creation, sales funnels, web design, etc.

Social Media Managers: They can use CopyAI for social posts, comment replies, company bios, CTA’s, product descriptions, etc.

Side Hustlers: They can use CopyAI for brand messaging, marketing copy, video creation, sales funnels, web design, etc.

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How Does Work?

CopyAI is a content generation framework using deep learning models to generate contents. It automates content creation for websites and articles using Artificial Intelligence.

It is an intelligence solution for keyword selection and article generation. It reduces the tedious and time consuming task of coming up with fresh ideas and creating compelling content.

You’d get access to unlimited copy and ideas with premium plans on, but you can begin by trying out a free account and enjoy the 7 days free trial period.

Create your own account and test Copy.AI

The free trial account is a perfect option to test things out on the platform without having to risk your credit card details. You’re given free access to their numerous features for 7 days, 100 runs a day, and efficient 24/7 customer support via email.

The Solo plan works nicely for small businesses. And if you’ll be subscribing on a monthly basis, you’ll pay just $49 per month. The yearly bill costs $420 at $35 per month. It provides you with access to all tools, unlimited runs, access to their most recent features, 24/7 email support, and a Premium community (to be added soon)!

Companies with larger teams should consider the Multiple Seats plan. It uses custom billing and offers unlimited runs. It provides access to all the tools on the platform including the most recent features, 24/7 email support, collaboration features, and premium community to be added soon.

They currently support 11 languages. And they include English (US and British), French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.

2. Select a type of copy you want to create on

You can select either blog intros, headlines, product descriptions, and many others.

3. Make a product description.

You do not have to input any exhaustive information here to get nice results. Simply enter the name of your company and a few additional words to show what your company does.

4. Get results and touch up.

The writing assistant provides you with ten results within seconds, which you can go ahead to edit and run again for extensive ideas on your topic.

What you can create with CopyAI?

There are a wide range of copy options that can be produced using, and some of them include;

1. Digital Ad copy

When creating an ad copy, it is important that you show your viewers or readers how you intend to solve their problems. Also consider emotional triggers, and focus on the features and benefits of your product.

Using, you can create Google ads, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads to drive leads and sales for your business.

2. Website copy

Producing the core text that narrates visitors through your website and letting them know everything your brand or website represents is an aspect that requires perfect wording.

Your service pages, about page, the homepage, product pages, meta descriptions, and other top-level pages comprise your website copy. saves you hours of brainstorming, writing, and editing to create your website copy.  

3. Social media content

Contents on your social media pages demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of your company. When done right, it can help you build your brand’s reputation and credibility. 

Aside from sharing news updates about your company on Twitter, you can create content about your industry and other relevant articles on platforms like LinkedIn where people check out for information that is industry-focused. allows you to create captions, brainstorm topics, and Instagram posts among others to interact with your prospective customers.

4. Sales copy

That part that is expected to persuade your customers to make a buying decision or patronize your product requires the best content. You may want to create lists or paragraphs of your sales copy. helps you create sales copy that can drive the required attention, generate interests or leads for your products, and get your visitors to make the desired action.

5. eCommerce copy

As an eCommerce copywriter, it is important that you are persuasive, have a strong communication skill, understand the psychology of your potential customers, avoid unnecessarily wordy sentences, and can promote the voice of your brand accurately. helps you create microcopy, product descriptions, detail on product benefits, and also integrate the right keywords in your eCommerce copy.

6. Blog content

Creating resourceful long-content on your blogs can be really hectic and time consuming for content creators and pro-bloggers. What about dishing out the perfect ideas, outlines, and titles for your pages?

But you’ll be able to save hours for much better results with And you do not have to do any exhaustive editing after generating authentic blog contents with perfect grammar. You wouldn’t even need to pay for additional subscriptions for online grammar checkers, as the AI-powered writing assistant gets you covered on grammar.

Why you should try

It create your marketing copy seamlessly: is an advanced artificial intelligence writing assistant that helps you craft the perfect marketing copy to turn your website visitors into customers.

It differentiates your content from the noise: Content generation is a shot in the dark. It’s hard to differentiate your content from the noise online. But is changing this. This singular reason is capable of changing perspectives.

It helps you focus on the important thing: with, you can stop wasting time with your writing and focus more on growing your business, using the most advanced hybrid artificial intelligence technology!

It generates relevant information for your posts: uses its sophisticated natural language processing and deep learning technology to generate background relevant general information about your business, products, or services.

Final Words

You’d agree with the fact that writing contents can be quit challenging. The daunting effect on the human time factors has sent a lot of business down the drain. To salvage the situation with most business owners, business automation becomes necessary.

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