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6 Salient Reasons why I chose to Blog about my Business

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You see, over time, I have delved into several online businesses with the sole aims of getting some ‘mulla’ out of them within the shortest time possible. In this post, I share with you why I chose to blog about my business, and why you should too.

I know you would want that too, if not, I can’t be wrong to say that you might have loved to make steady millions from an internet business.

To get that achieved, I eventually chose to blog about my business.

Read more about my Business here.

NB: By “MULLA”, I refer to lots of Millions, whether in Naira, in Dollars, or in some kind of good currencies.

Oh yes, I am a Nigerian based in Lagos.

Feel free to state where are you reading this blog from, Uganda? Cote d’Ivoire? London?


Every business, regardless of its type or kind, deserves to own space within its platform for Content or Information Marketing. This is where the necessity to start Blogging or Vlogging the business most likely fall in.

It gets so interesting that if you do not begin to talk about your businesses in places that matter, you’ll likely be leaving chunks of opportunities in the hands of your competitor or others in the same business. That’s like digging an early grave for the business or project.


What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply a way we make noise about what we know about something related to our niche. It helps us get heard by millions of people who, through an online search, have found your content and have read about your business.

By definition, according to Artem Menaev of First Site Guide,

According to Artem Menaev of First Site Guide, “Blogging is an online journal or international website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.”

Today, there are well over 570 million blogs on the web, and still not enough to cater for the crave for information by information seekers. The ability to provide your customers, and readers with fresh content daily, or weekly basis can keep your customers running even during lean months.

While you can blog about Entertainment, Football, Trendy Political News, Music, Lifestyle etc, is important for the populace, your business should fit into the large crowd internet marketing space.

In this post, I wish to show you only 7 Salient reasons why I chose to Blog about my Business. None of these 7 is least, as they all formed the core reason for this post itself.

why I chose to blog about my business


7 Salient Reasons Why I Chose to Blog about my Business


1. To Increase Visibility

I have come to realize that increasing visibility is the major reason why you want to keep writing relevant posts daily, or weekly as you constantly dish out more blog content.

Visibility remains on the low or at the status quo when you don’t write quality content for your business or project. By visibility, I refer to an appearance in search engines and can drive organic traffic to your business website.

This occurs when you create enough keyword-rich blog contents that carry value your readers appreciate. The impact of this is felt when you continue to rise in the search engine consistently.

You can only imagine the increasing growth speed of your business as it keeps growing because of actions taken by readers of your blog who seek your services.

With blogging, my business has been able to boost its chances of generating free traffic and converting leads by creating fresh and well-written articles that incorporate long-tail keywords, images and videos.


2. To keep you updated about what I do

You don’t want to imagine what your business might look like when you don’t keep your customers, readers or viewers updated about what you do.

On a typical Nigerian Bus stop, as noisy as it usually is, you won’t find a Bus Conductor not updating passer-by about his business. The noise they make about their services is to create awareness about their presence.

Your blog is your direct communication channel.

It serves as a platform to come out in details about your products and services.

While your website may be straight-forward, your blog does the job of breaking down to tiny information details of your business.

Owning a website without a blog is a great start for your business, but creating a blog gives a long-tail advantage to your business. If your website visit gets 1000 visitors a week, with a blog, the number can increase to well over 10,000 all things being equal.

A blog is a fantastic tool to keep your audience in the loop about your business. It offers more flexibility to connect with customers. Also offers flexibility to sharing updates in a way that tells or shows who you are and not just what you do.


3. I Need More Social Exposure

I needed a solution to the lack of proper social exposure and got looking for something that could guarantee me more. Think of it as the easiest way to have people easily share your contents on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others.

Organically, your blog post has got the wings to fly across all social media, therefore creating more awareness about your business to others. The more necessary it is to have social media sharing on the blog. Mine appears somewhere below each blog posts.

This helps expose my business to audiences beyond my immediate circle. With my blog post, I can connect my social media accounts to my brand and get people talking about it organically and via paid traffic sources.

So, in order to have a solid business foundation gripped to the root, consider creating or running a blog on the side.


4. To Build my Email List

The beautiful thing about building an email database is that it puts you in control of your list. The list forms your special organic audience as long as they get value. An email list is an asset to your business.

In another post, I show you several reasons why I run my business using an Email List and the power of having a quality email database.

Just like blogging, an email list ensures that your business stays glued to the minds of your audience. It also keeps them updated about your business.

Email marketing, as old as it is, is still a powerful marketing strategy. In my list, I only accept people who are willing to grow, however, it is not always easy to get people to sign up but with the help of the quality contents in a blog, you could build a solid email database consisting of serious people who love what you do.


5. Helps me Build Trust from Feedbacks

Well, the anchor on the blog is Edet Sam, he also owns a digital marketing business but may not go far in the business if Feedbacks from clients or readers do not respond to his business via his personal email, personal WhatsApp number, via the online Contact Form or at least on my FB Messenger.

A business can receive feedbacks from clients more accessibly via the company’s blog. It allows individuals to communicate directly with updates, expectations, suggestions and so on.

Your company website may give direct information, but in a one-way format with no room to ask questions or make enquiries or start a conversation. This blog creates two-way communication, giving customers access to relate and be related to almost immediately by the handler.

This has earned my business the needed trust and put me out there as an authority in my field.


6. To Offer Valuable Information for Free

Apart from teaching about my business, I chose to blog my business when I noticed a gap between my audience, customers and clients in information marketing. The decision to create a blog section was with the aim of unleashing leverage points that could drive home, besides value, incentives for interested individuals.

One of my free information is the EASY LIST HACK carefully collected in an eBook for you.

A blog is necessarily supposed to build up the knowledge of the audience and readers, for free. The deeper and more complex my posts get, the more ideas I am likely to generate for my business.



Although a blog is a website, a website is not a blog. A website can actually be created to make an endeavour to communicate the business as best as possible. It still leaves a cracking curve when compared to what is obtainable with blogs.

The above are my 6 salient reasons why I chose to blog my business rather than not. There are more reasons why I do this, however, the most important factor may not stand out regardless.

I understand you may have your own views or why you prefer to not own a blog, why you think owning a blog goes beyond the aforementioned or that a website may be created to sound like a blog.

By the way, where are you reading my blog from? 

Nigeria? Uganda? Cote d’Ivoire? London?

Please feel free to drop in the comment at the comment section below this post.

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Sharing is Caring

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