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5 ways to use Facebook Ads to Penetrate the US Market

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If you’re in the United States of America surviving a local business, you want to use Facebook ads to penetrate the US market.

With over half of the world’s population on Facebook, marketers are beginning to take note at just how powerful this social media site can be when it comes to reaching potential customers.

What this means for you is that your business will have an unprecedented opportunity to introduce itself and its products / services to thousands of users across the globe instantly. Not only does Facebook allow you to reach people globally, but also can help you target specific audiences based off demographics including age group, location, gender, interests and more.

This guide will go over 5 ways your company can use Facebook ads to penetrate the US market.

Choose Your Audience Wisely

In choosing your audience, you should take some time before creating your campaign(s) to consider what kind of user base you want to reach. For example, if you are a local business owner, your first thought may be to target people within a 20 mile radius of your shop.

However, this is probably not going to bring in the most clicks and likes on Facebook as it will only appeal to those who use Facebook at least occasionally.

In order for Facebook advertisements to be successful they need to have a wide enough audience that your spot will be shown many times over rather than just being shown once or twice.

So how big of an audience should you aim for? The average user of Facebook logs on about 7 times per day with the number of page views averaging about 150-160 per month. This means that during one visit a user can see up to 30 different adverts.

This means if your aim is to penetrate the American market, you should be targeting a minimum of 70,000 unique users per month in order for your ads to be seen by Facebook’s entire US audience.

Target Geographically

If you are a local business then it would make sense that you’d want to target people within a specific distance from your store or office. However, while this may seem like a good idea on paper, you need to do some research before doing so as there are many factors which can make marketing difficult in certain areas.

For example, if your business is in a highly populated city and you only target those within five miles of your company then your ads may not be seen as often as you like. This is because Facebook will do its best to display adverts that it thinks relevant to the user at any given time which means if they live around the corner from you, they probably won’t see your advert.

When it comes to finding an audience, Facebook allows for some more advanced targeting of specific demographics such as age groups, gender and interests – including interest groups related to areas near or around where you are conducting business.

Try to Mix it Up

Many business owners will use Facebook exclusively for marketing their product or service.

While this can be effective, you should take time at least once or twice a month to post something funny, interesting or related to your industry which won’t remind people why they hate advertisements so much.

People enjoy spending at least some of their online time being entertained by different types of content so feel free to post something related but not directly associated with your business.

Don’t be Afraid to spend Some Money

Facebook users are bombarded by advertisements, both in their newsfeeds and on the site itself every single day. If you want your message to stand out then you need to make sure it is seen multiple times over rather than just once or twice.

For example, if you were targeting people within 20 miles of your store and only paying $1 per like (which I assure you is significantly less than most other advertisers), it would take roughly 6 months for the cost of that one like to cancel out completely which isn’t ideal if Facebook users can see thousands of others selling similar products or services.

When it comes to Facebook advertisements, you need to remember that the more exposure, the better.

If your advertisement is shown once or twice but no more than several hundred times then you are more likely to reach a greater number of people while spending less money in the process.

Facebook provides detailed statistics for each ad campaign which will show up at the top of ads after they have been created.

The statistics can be used to see how many likes, shares and clicks an advert has received over time as well as how many views it has had within 24 hours or within seven days.

This information is applicable for both mobile and desktop users which means you will be able to see how many people are clicking on your ads from their smartphone or tablet devices as well as the number of clicks coming from desktops, laptops and tablets.

Try it out!

The most effective way to learn about creating effective Facebook advertisements is by doing it yourself with a small budget and seeing what works and what doesn’t so why not create one now? It’s free, takes less than five minutes and there’s no obligation to spend money if you don’t want too. You can always delete or update it later after you’ve honed your advertising skills a little more.

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