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Conversion ai vs Copy ai: What’s your take?

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The global market currently has two leading AI copywriting tools – and But which of them works better for copywriters?

You are likely to have been stuck with making a viable decision between the two writing assistants, but this article will help you decide, as I’ll be revealing their weaknesses and strengths.

Built on the world’s most advanced AI language model, the two copywriting tools are helping thousands of users around the globe turbo-charge their creativity to dish out more interesting, effective, and fast copy. vs – Pricing

We all like to put the cost of anything into consideration when making a buying decision. In fact, many would prefer to pick the cheaper item with a lesser quality that still satisfies their needs to a great extent to one with huge potential but comes at a high cost.

Both ai copywriting tools have two subscription models each. has Solo plan and Multiple Seats plan while has Starter plan and Pro plan. Solo plan is best for individuals and small businesses, and it costs $49 per month. If you are paying annually, it costs $420 (at $35 a month). You’ll enjoy unlimited runs with newly added tools and features.

Multiple Seats plan uses custom billing, and it should be best considered for businesses with large team members.

On the other hand, Starter plan goes for $29. And the plan gives users access to generate headlines, short-form descriptions, bios, and many more. Pro plan goes for $109 per month. Users who blog will be able to create long-form copy in the form of blog articles, video script, and books. vs – Free Trial Period

Both tools offer their users 7-day free trial accounts, which are perfect to test the system out. A 7-day free trial account on is accompanied with 100 runs each day and an efficient 24/7 email support. vs – High-Tech Features

Both and have high-tech features, and are powered by GPT-3 language processing by OpenAPI to drastically improve the effectiveness of users while also cutting down massively on time consumption. vs – Interface has a very easy-to-use interface. Even a grandma is not likely to have issues with harnessing the platform. appears a bit more colorful and may require users to be a bit techier to use, but generally, both of them have very simple interfaces. vs – Templates

Most of the tools reflected on the writing assistants include the different content types it can create for you. templates appears more categorized than, and they include:

1. Social ads

Facebook headlines, Facebook primary text, Facebook link description, LinkedIn Text Ads, Instagram product showcase, Instagram captions, Google descriptions, and Google headlines.

2. Social Media Content Creation

Short Text Hook, captions, video titles, video intro hook, launch your product, bullet points, carousel post, keyword generator, relatable experiences, call to action, product showcase, YouTube description Intro, and brainstorm topics.

3. Brainstorming Tools

Viral ideas, startup ideas, growth ideas, next product, and name generator.

4. Email/letter

Confirmation emails, follow up email, catchy email subject lines, and Thank you note.

5. Writing tools

Simplify sentence, change tone, essay outline, sentence rewriter, essay intro, adjective accelerator, verb booster, and analogy generator.

6. Startup tools

Brand voice, value proposition, brand mission, and motto generator.

7. Website copy

Blog outline, blog intros, blog ideas, landing page Hero Text, Subheader text, listicles, meta descriptions, and microcopy.

8. Personal tools

Cover letter, Clubhouse bio, Shower thoughts, Valentine’s day card, resume bullet points, and birthday cards.

9. Sales copy

Pain-agitate-solution, AIDA copywriting, feature to benefit, before-after-bridge, feature-advantage-benefit, marketing angles, and problem-promise-proof-proposal. templates appear more itemized than, and they include:

  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post introduction
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post titles
  • Blog post meta description
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Facebook ad headline
  • Sentence expander
  • Video topic ideas
  • Google ads headline
  • Response to reviews
  • General headlines
  • Video introduction
  • Video scripts outline
  • Video titles
  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Framework
  • Stories
  • Website homepage meta description
  • YouTube video description
  • Product descriptions for social channels, websites, and emails
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Residential real estate listing
  • Content improver to rewrite content
  • Email subject lines
  • General bullet points
  • Company & personal bio
  • Services page title
  • Services page meta description,
  • Sub headlines (H2 Tags) for websites
  • Product page title
  • Amazon product description (bullets & paragraphs)
  • Product page meta description
  • Unique value propositions
  • Website homepage title
  • Google ads description
  • Features & benefits

Jarvis also allows you to decide on use cases to achieve your copywriting goals. You can pick one or more use cases, and they include Marketing strategy, Website copy, social media paid ads, blog content, SEO, Video content, books, fun, Amazon, and Customer support. vs – Customer support

Do you need help? There are multiple resources and avenues to get help on both platforms. provides users with an Academy to keep them inclined with the system. The Academy has a live 101 training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can also watch replays of best-practice training, attend upcoming live advanced training, watch past recordings of their advanced training, and also join the Facebook community to interact with other users.

You can also check the FAQ & Help Center or send them an email on [email protected] has multiple support channels also to provide help to their users. Their Help & Support page provides columns for training, FAQs, use cases, CopyAi tips, and Copy email support among others. You can also check the tutorial page for a guide on getting started with the tool. vs – Language Options allows you to translate your created contents into 11 different languages. These languages include Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and of course, English (US & British). Jarvis supports over 11 languages. Some of the languages supported include English, French, Russian, German, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese.

You simply have to paste your content and choose your preferred language and have it translated as a finished blog post, ad copy, or email. vs – Users

Both writing assistants already boast of a huge number of users since they were launched – however, one has a higher figure than the other. This should be due to the popularity, pricing, or level of satisfaction derived from the platforms by their different users.

Jarvis is currently being used by top brands all around the internet, and they boast of over 10,000 copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

On the other hand, boasts of over 100,000 users from around the internet! vs – Ratings

Jarvis has a 5.0 rating on Producthunt and takes 4.6. And on Trustpilot amasses 4.9 rating while appears unlisted.  

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